Turning Mental Creations into Concrete Reality or Getting What You Want Out of Life


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops


There are many books stating that all you must do is ask the universe and everything you want will be given.  While for some, it seems that might happen, for most people this just isn’t the case.  

Some people intuitively know what to do and how to create successfully.  Why is it that some can go after and achieve what they want, but others struggle to do the same? 

Hermetic Philosophy teaches us the Laws of Nature.  These principles are the foundation of the structure of the Universe.  If the Universe is built upon rules and guidelines, what happens when we follow these same rules in our daily life? How important is it that our projects are harmonious with Nature in order to triumph? At the same time, why are some people able to create wealth doing corrupt things and at the expense of others?

Join Jason Stile and Carol Haggerty in an amazing journey into the depths of our Internal World and the Laws of Nature to find out how to discover what is blocking us from creating what we want and to fully activate our strengths to manifest our goals.  We all have the right to achieve material and Spiritual Success.

Jason Stile is an inventor who built a company around an idea he saw in a dream that is now worth over $20,000,000 and is sold in major retailers around the world including Home Depot, Lowes and Walmart.


Carol Haggerty has a varied history of successful professional endeavors: photographer, media sales executive, holistic health coach and author. She is an active participant in her life as a happy, healthy woman who uses her daily life to evolve into a more conscious and responsible human being. 


Saturday September 23rd, 2017


146 west 29th st suite 8W, Manhattan