Happiness is an Inside Job - October 22nd 2016


Speaker: IHP

Maybe you’re living out your life the way you always thought you were supposed to. Maybe you're in the middle of some ladder of supposed success or another, maybe you've reached the top, or maybe you've just given up -- but now you realize, or at least you have a gut feeling, that just getting to the top of that ladder by itself won't make you happy.

That no amount of money, or prestige, or fame, sex, booze or drugs will ever be enough to make you truly happy. Maybe now you realize that happiness is an inside job. Maybe you're ready to begin the work of getting to know your inner world, of developing the real YOU-- the light that animates your form-- your internal BEING.

Happiness comes from staying connected to this BEING inside yourself, the part of YOU that is connected to and in harmony with everyone and everything around you. That is the source of true joy, true love, true success -- not the false imitations of happiness they try to sell you on TV.

Join for an enriching workshop to discover the happiness and self-fulfillment that resides within YOU.

Saturday October 22nd


146 W 29th st - Suite 8W (8th Floor) between 6th and 7th Avenues

RSVP: www.lighthouseworkshops.com , or call (866) 452-3965

Fee: $20