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"I experienced a lot of powerful thoughts" - By Salvador

"I really enjoyed the workshop and the experience that came with working with such a diverse and unique group of individuals. I experienced a lot of powerful thoughts and emotions as a result of the exercises and by listening to the responses of others in the group especially when making correlations to what was said to what I've experienced in my own life. At first I was nervous to speak up because I was not familiar with the group and it was the first time visiting the school. The presenters did a good job of building trust and communication throughout the presentation and created a safe and comfortable environment to express myself open and honestly about what I thought and felt throughout the exercises. I felt that everyone in the room had a sincere desire to learn, grow, and connect with others on a deep level and that's not something that I have encountered in any other school."

- Salvador Valencia 7/11/2015

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"Knowledge and insights into yourself" - By John

"This workshop puts you on the cutting edge of knowledge and insights into yourself and who you are as a person. You can truly be able to have an understanding of the conflicts and complex nature of your internal world."

- John 7/11/2015

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"I feel a profound difference in my self perception " - By Moises

"The Institute for Hermetic Philosophy has provided me with a special place and community that has been vital in assisting me in the transformation of my mind, body, and spirit. In just under three months of active participation, I feel a profound difference in my self perception and of my perception of the external realities of my life.The work has been my own but IHP has provided both the guidance and inspiration for me to see it through."

- Moises Valencia 7/11/2015

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"Good Vibrations" - By Paola

"The IHP Lighthouse Workshops help me to ask myself what I need to ask in order to keep working on my inner child."

 - Paola, 9/26/14

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"Unique and Empowering Experience" - By Christy

"The IHP Lighthouse Workshops this year have each provided a unique and empowering experience for me since attending. The presenters, as well as members present in the workshops provide a friendly, open-minded and comfortable environment throughout each meeting. Through both personal and interactive activities the IHP Workshops have helped me gain a better understanding about myself as an individual; allowing myself to see what I am really capable of, and encourage me to continue growing and learning. It is an experience I am deeply thankful for being a part of and I look forward to the next workshops in the upcoming months."

 - Christy S. (7/29/14)

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"Full of Positive Feelings and Sensations" - By Lucilla

"I had a very good experience at the workshop, I was curious and the atmosphere was full of serenity.  It was an interesting combination of completely different women who did not know what to expect from the workshop, at the end Everybody was happy, full and empty at the same time, empty of bad thoughts, full of positive feelings and sensations.
A new strength was in me, as when you start a new day with a positive feeling.
I met women I would like to meet again and have a conversation with. It was important for me to grab things and sensations from other women, this is a good way to build up ourselves and grow well."
  - Lucilla (6/17/14)

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