All the Way Up: How to Raise Your Frequency


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Your Frequency.
You never learned about it in school - your parents probably never discussed it, 
yet it is possibly one of the most important things you can learn about in life.

Everything vibrates, including you...
The frequency at which you vibrate determines so much about you: how you feel,
what you see, and what you think. Love, hate, order, joy, gratitude, strength, anger - these are all at different frequencies. As you increase your vibration, you have access to the higher parts of your being.

For those who are ready for a deep exploration of this, we are going to address the work, habits, and practice of raising your frequency according to the principles of Hermetic Philosophy. Be ready to challenge yourself and learn exercises, concepts, and practices that will help you to transform each day into a higher vibration.

Presented by Junod Etienne and Deanna Smith.
Saturday October 21st
Institute for Hermetic Philosophy
146 w 29th street, nyc 8th floor (suite 8W)