Who am I? : A Workshop for Men - May 2016


Speaker: IHP

The cultural story of what it is to be a man has been hammered into us since we were born. It surrounds us; it is inside of us dictating how we live, what we do, and even what we want out of life. That identity, however useful for society, is only part of the story and begins to feel like a straightjacket for the growing individual who feels the need to know himself more deeply.

Maybe more men need to look inside and ask the question: Who am I?

Through Hermetic Philosophy, this workshop for men only will help us distinguish how we have been told we should be, from who we are inside. We will  learn tools to develop our true strength and energy, accept the full range of our emotions, and begin to  interact more honestly and consciously with our lovers, children, and peers. If you are a man on the path of growth and self-knowledge, join the Men of IHP for a profound morning that will help you to cultivate your true inner wealth as a man and an individual.

Saturday May 21st


60 west 39th street, 4th floor, Manhattan

RSVP: www.lighthouseworkshops.com , or call (866) 452-3965

Fee: $20