Dario Salas Sommer

Dario Salas Sommer was born in Santiago, Chile, on March 4, 1935, and  is the grandson of the distinguished Chilean educator Darío Salas Díaz. He holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy and is also an author and filmmaker. He has been named Honorary Scientific Consul for Latin America by the Russian Academy of Arts and Sciences, and has received the title of Knight of Sciences and Arts by one of the principal Russian scientific organizations, the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.

For more than four decades he has been committed to the progress of humanity and to the  internal development of the human being.

In 1970, he founded the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy headquartered in Santiago, Chile. The main objective of this non-profit organization is the moral and spiritual perfectioning of the human being, in the highest sense of the word. Dr. Salas Sommer is the director and spiritual guide of the institute which has branches in Chile, Spain, United States, Argentina, Venezuela, Columbia and Russia.

He is also founder and director of the Latin American Bolivarian Foundation which promotes cultural and human development in Latin America aimed at achieving a common identity based on moral and spiritual principles of the first order.

He has written several books under the pseudonym of John Baines on Operative Philosophy™. To date, his books have been published in Spanish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, English, German, Italian, Korean, Latvian, Portuguese, and Russian. The collection is comprised of the following titles: The Secret ScienceStellar ManHypsoConciousnessThe Science of LoveDevelopment of the Inner World (not yet published in English), Does Woman Exist? Morals for the 21st Century, What is a Person’s Worth? (not yet published in English),  and Cosmic Currency (due out in English in 2012). The last four titles bear the author’s real name.

Dr. Salas Sommer lives in Santiago, Chile and currently spends his time giving conferences in various countries and directing the pedagogic activities of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy in its branches worldwide. His time is also dedicated to independent scientific research in the area of consciousness and natural health.


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