[CLOSED] A New Beginning: Exploring the Undiscovered Country Within You


Speaker: Carol Haggerty and Derek Hunt


Do you find yourself walking in a continuous circle, retracing the same steps year after year after year?

We all have areas in our lives where we are locked into ways of behaving that we have not been able to break.

These could take any form, some are procrastination, self sabotage, being prone to anger, never standing up for yourself in a healthy way.

The longer the cycle exists, the easier it is to get used to living with them, and in a way, give up on ourselves.

Change is possible. There are ways you can work to create a fresh start, to change your circular path into an upward spiral towards new experiences, instead of repeating old patterns. These ways are not easy, but they are real and not pipe dreams. To approach this takes the courage to say "I want this, and I am willing to work for it."

Come join us in our February workshop, and give yourself permission to greet 2014 as a new beginning for you, and for your life.

9:45am - 12:30pm

Presenters: Carol Haggerty and Derek Hunt


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