[CLOSED] The Space Between Us


Speaker: David Richeson and Tina Wong


It's hard to imagine that in a city of more than 8 million people it is possible to feel separate and alone. Despite technological advances in communication and travel and with social events going on 24/7, supposedly making the world a smaller place, why do so many despair with an emptiness that is rarely filled?

When our internal world is held captive by these negative feelings it's hard to recognize that WE are never alone. Our being connected to each other, the planet, the universe, is reflected in the old aphorism "One in All and All in One". This doesn't necessarily imply that we are all alike; rather, that we are all linked with each other in a UNIVERSAL BODY and that each of us can play our part, bringing our unique set of qualities and expression to live full, productive and integrated lives, growing as individuals and as a body.

Come join us to explore ways of recognizing our kinship to each other by deeply connecting with ourselves, see how that can impact the lives of others and the ripple effect that can have on our world.


November 22nd 2014 [THIS EVENT HAS ALREADY TAKEN PLACE] - 9:45AM -12:30pm

Presented By David Richeson and Tina Wong


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