Rosemarie Ramsumair

Rosemarie Ramsumair was born in Trinidad and lived in Indonesia and Washington State for some time.

She holds a B.B.A. in International Business from Berkeley College, New York, and is also a certified IIN Holistic Health Coach. She currently works for Ajustco as the Chief Administrative Officer.

She joined IHP in 2007 not having any conscious external knowledge of the “work”. From this fresh perspective, she began to take a closer look at herself and started to encounter many shocks and revelations. She can now say that the teachings of Dario Salas Sommer have enriched her life, more so as a woman on the path. She feels that she has an internal center that is unbreakable, self-referential, and lives her life with more awareness. Her work is simple, constant, and active, and she enjoys being able to feel life flowing through her in the present moment while experimenting with vibrations from the school of life.

She enjoys being at the beach, a good game of golf, boxing, karaoke, coffee, and has an appreciation for untouched forest/jungle areas that still provides a feeling of calm, order, and the pure mystery of Nature.

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