Jeff Cylkowski

Jeff Cylkowski is a visual artist based in New York City. He is of Korean descent. He was born in Chicago, IL and adopted by Polish American parents. After spending his formative years in the Midwest, he left for the coasts, spending time in San Francisco, Philly, and eventually New York, participating in the subcultures of skateboarding, graffiti art, punk rock and Hip-Hop.
During this time, Jeff began questioning the conventional narrative of life, and became interested in the idea that a person has the potential to develop within themselves a higher capacity for perception and consciousness; that there is more to who we are. Eventually, Jeff found the teachings of Dario Salas Sommer and joined IHP in 2001. He has spent the past 20 years putting these Teachings into practice to see if they really work. He has discovered, for himself, that they do! 

These days, Jeff spends most of his time working on Spiritual development, making art, and listening to house music on Twitch.

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