Jason Stile

Jason Stile joined IHP in 2006 still searching and seeking.  Under the direction of this great school, he can say that he found what he was looking for, though, inside himself.  He is grateful for the teachings of Dario Salas Sommer and continues to practice and help others learn this ancient wisdom and internal art.

He is an inventive handyman who, in 2008, literally dreamt up the solution, Ajustlock, a common security problem, while volunteering at this school on a building project. This led him to build a construction and hardware products manufacturing company, Ajustco, that sells patented innovations globally to large corporations like Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Turner Construction, Gilbane and more.  The company has won numerous awards for its innovations from companies like Liberty Mutual Insurance as well as the New York City Building Department.

Jason started his professional career as an electrician in NYC, eventually creating his own firm, LIU Electric, in 2011, which serviced NYC and surrounding areas.

He loves the many opportunities to interact with the various frequencies of Nature and has been participating in Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School for many years. In fact, he can survive in extreme conditions without man made tools. He’s traveled around the world, and many can say that he knows a thing or two about break dancing. He also loves listening to live jazz music.

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