[Closed] Good Vibrations


Speaker: Junod Etienne and Rosemarie Ramsumair

One of the main principles of Hermeticism is the Law of Vibration.

"Nothing rests, everything moves, everything vibrates.” 

We are vibrational beings. Like an instrument producing notes, our thoughts, emotions, desires, & impulses are simply vibratory states. When we have positive thoughts and emotions, we are tuned into a very particular quality of vibrations, such as harmony, beauty and love. When we are sad, angry, or resentful, we are obviously tuned in to the opposite quality of vibrations.  

Depending on the quality of the vibrations we accumulate, we will experience the corresponding  positive or negative situations in our lives.  Awareness and management of our daily vibratory state will allow us to make adjustments and to tune into harmony and well-being.

Please join us for an interactive, fun filled seminar exploring how we can influence our vibrations and our experience of life.

September 27th 2014 9:45AM-12:30pm

Presenters: Junod Etienne and Rosemarie Ramsumair


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