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[PART 2] Bypassing My Brain: Interview with David Owens and Carol Haggerty Reardon


Junod: What kind of advice would you give to someone starting out doing this type of work for the first time?

David: I would say be patient and consistent. It will be tough because you are now learning the various parts of yourself, and there will be all types of reactions. You may get fidgety, start to itch, your mind may wander off to what you were doing hours ago or weeks ago; you might begin to compare this experience of the exercise to another instance when you felt better…  All these things belong to the realm of the brain or intellect, and it takes time to be able to access another part and stay connected. Just be patient, perseverant, and to enjoy this as a process connecting to your internal being.

Carol:  I would also add that for those who do start it, and feel frustrated because they don't think they are getting it, or decide it has no value, I would recommend that each person reflect on what brought them to this work and to the desire to practice this exercise and this philosophy. I would ask them to reconnect and to try every day to practice without defining it, without expectations, but just to try it in various areas of life – when you wake up in the morning try it first thing. When you are sitting in a bus or subway, or taking a walk, these are good opportunities to focus inside. If you are in an argument, give yourself a gift, and take that moment connecting to your breath, and feel your own energy, and allow yourself to disconnect from the brain, the fears, the judgment, and you will have a chance to feel calmer and less attached to negative feelings and lose energy, as you might if you are completely invested emotionally.

David: I would just add that these exercises will also help you to define what happiness is, what fun is, what peace is. According to my brain, there is a definition of what happiness is and it comes from the outside in: being at a party, exercising, or hanging out with friends. There is another type of happiness that only my spirit knows, and the only words that can describe it are calm, harmony, peace; when I do these exercises, this realization of what I am gives me a totally new perspective on what these things are, and the world feels very different.

Junod: Thanks for that. Before we finish, can you share what should people expect who come on the workshop to experience this work?

Carol: I believe what we were just talking about was to let go of expectations.

David (chuckles): That’s what I was going to say.

Carol: So that’s my first recommendation: suspend any expectations, just come and be open to experience what it might feel like to connect to your true being, your spirit, what it feels like when it fills you up and the possibility might open itself to you when you come. That will happen if you are open to receive without judgment or expectations of yourself or the workshop.

Junod: I want to thank both of you for spending the time, and I, for one, will be there.

If you are interested in attending, and learning more about the exercises mentioned in this article, find more information about the November 21st workshop here.

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