The Power of Letting Go – A Spiritual Workshop for Women


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Life gives each of us a full plate. As women we have so much to manage on a daily basis. The stress of dealing with many demands, obligations, wants and responsibilities can infuse negativity into our daily lives. We become trapped in a perpetual cycle of trying to control everything, even things that are out of our hands.

What would happen if we could let go? Would life still go on? Will we be loved and respected by others? Would we still be able to achieve our goals and desires? The answer to all is YES, and we will be able to enjoy our daily moments, even the challenging ones with grace and humor.

Join Carol Haggerty Reardon and Leeza Ahmady for an interactive experiential workshop addressing how we can tap into the depths of our inner feminine wisdom to cultivate the power of letting go. The path requires connecting to yourself, discovering your true feelings, acknowledging them and dismantling negative thoughts. This process cultivates trust in ourselves, trust in others, and trust in the ways of the universe, allowing for the surfacing of a truly liberating feeling from deep within us and a harmonious flow of receiving and creating what we really need in our lives.

Come and give yourself the gift of discovering the true freedom and power you have inside that is limitless and needs no control.


Saturday April 27th, 2019

Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

10:45 AM to 1:30 PM

146 w 29th street, 8W 


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