Who Am I? | Light House Workshop


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Who am I?

This is a question we all ask ourselves at some point in our lives.

Part of the challenge in answering this question may be because we have become so identified with and believe the stories of our lives. Some of us may be satisfied answering this question by identifying with the conditions of our birth: I’m a Man, I’m American, I’m good looking etc. 

Others may feel their behavior or personality traits define who they are: I'm smart, I'm mean, I'm a party animal, I love dogs. Others may think they have found the answer by identifying with their various accomplishments: I’m a Doctor, I'm rich, I'm a mother, I'm famous.

And others may seek to answer this question by experimenting with drugs, embracing a religious faith, delving into various new age concepts, or having their horoscope read...

So... Who are we and how do we know? Should we look outside ourselves to answer this question or expect someone to answer it for us? Can the answer be with us wherever we go? 

We feel that to answer this question, we need courage and perseverance, as it may be a lifelong process of self-discovery filled with life’s many experiences. Why not make the effort to answer this question now?

Please join Rosemarie Ramsumair and David Owens in an experiential journey of starting to discover the answer to this question of who we are.

Saturday, November 20th


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 w 29th Street (6th and 7th ave), suite 8w

Manhattan, NY

Fee: $20

We are taking precautions to keep you safe:

- Our space is specially equipped with powerful UV air purifiers in each room,

which remove airborne particulates and allergens and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

- We check the temperature of participants upon arrival, to ensure normal temperature.

(If you are feeling sick or have symptoms, we ask that you please stay home)

- Face coverings within the space are voluntary.

Upon arrival, guests will be asked to sign a standard hold harmless agreement.