What’s Blocking Your Consciousness?


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

A Workshop From The Institute For Hermetic Philosophy

Many of us have realized that we want to be more aware, more present, and live from a more centered part of ourselves.  We may meditate, go to a yoga retreat, or otherwise do things that we feel will give us that disposition we are yearning for only to get back to our everyday routines and almost instantly feel like we are back where we started.

During this workshop, we will explore the things that take us out of our center, provide daily practical tools to help us remain connected to our internal being, and begin a process geared toward keeping us more and more conscious in our daily lives.

Please join Deanna Smith and Jason Stile in a practical exploration of your inner world to discover "What's blocking your consciousness". 


Saturday, April 24th


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 w 29th Street (6th and 7th ave), suite 8w

Manhattan, NY

Fee: $20

We are taking precautions to keep you safe:

- Our space is specially equipped with powerful UV air purifiers in each room,

which remove airborne particulates and allergens and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

- We check the temperature of participants upon arrival, to ensure normal temperature.

(If you are feeling sick or have symptoms, we ask that you please stay home)

- Face coverings within the space are voluntary.

Upon arrival, guests will be asked to sign a standard hold harmless agreement.