What is a Man? What is a Woman?


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

How Can They Change the World Harmoniously Together?

Do Men and Women know what they are? Almost anyone can tell the physical differences between the sexes but who truly comprehends what a Man or Women is? What is a Man or Woman’s purpose and role in this world and the cosmos at large?


In the recent history of the modern world and throughout multiple cultures there has been a longstanding disregard and exploitation of women and the natural environment. Both sexes are given prescribed roles that often perpetuate this behavior. This history has contributed to the distorted, traumatic, toxic, and adversarial relationship between the sexes and the planet. Widespread exploitation, greed, violence, and control... are but a few of the issues that plague our world. 


We all want a better world, but where and how do we begin?


All the change we seek in the world is within ourselves. Within each Woman and Man lies potential that can heal, transmute and inspire. In each of us lie dormant unknown, misunderstood and latent attribute/energies that help us become better people but also complement and support each other as Women and Men. For Women and Men to connect to this deeper part of themselves requires a specific type of "work" that will cultivate their internal awareness...their consciousness.” Anyone has the potential to do this work, but to walk this path we must learn to cultivate humility, patience, courage, effort, honesty and transparency. 


With the understanding of who and what they are, Women and Men can consciously and harmoniously over time create a world that is better for all.


Life is a beautiful journey when you know the way and have supportive company, please join us for an interactive and experiential workshop of self-discovery of the power of Women and Men.

Saturday, February 20th


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 w 29th Street (6th and 7th ave), suite 8w

Manhattan, NY

Fee: $20

We are taking precautions to keep you safe:

- Our space is specially equipped with powerful UV air purifiers in each room,

which remove airborne particulates and allergens and inhibit the growth of microorganisms.

- We check the temperature of participants upon arrival, to ensure normal temperature.

(If you are feeling sick or have symptoms, we ask that you please stay home)

- Face coverings within the space are voluntary.

Upon arrival, guests will be asked to sign a standard hold harmless agreement.