Turning Stress into Vitality!


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

We are living in an age where stress is the norm, with a faster pace of life than we have ever experienced before. Since it is so easy for our attention to get sucked into the chasm of technology, social media/current events, and personal problems, it is easier than ever to adopt unhealthy ways of coping with life, and lose our deeper inner connection to our true Self.

 Yet in order to truly be well, we have be able to raise our level of awareness, and learn to consistently generate the vital energy and clarity that help us to approach our basic problems with greater consciousness.

 This workshop will be about practicing the simple and practical tools that enable us to gain clarity and peace in a busy world. We will cover methods described in Dario Salas Sommer’s book, Hypsoconsciousness, and other techniques for focus, centering, breathing and creating a little peace inside when everything outside is challenging.


Join Junod Etienne and Deanna Smith on February 22nd for a morning of practice, perspectives, and fun. Let’s bring “new” consciousness to our “old” problems.



Saturday February 22nd


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 West 29th street, 8th floor

NY, NY 10001