[CLOSED] The Scripts of Our Lives


Speaker: Ceci Baker and David Owens


March 22nd, 2014

9:45AM -12:30pm


The Scripts of our Lives We've all watched a movie, whose characters are so predictable that we’ve figured out the plot long before it's finished!  Or perhaps we've witnessed a story whose characters evolve fluidly and we are drawn in to the magic and mystery of a uniquely unfolding series of events to a plausible yet surprising climax.  A key component to either scenario is the script.    Like characters in a movie, each of us has a script (or scripts) that develops from many variables.  At the moment of conception our scripts are being written and manifest throughout our entire lives, whether we recognize them, like them, or think they are positive, our scripts ensure the same outcome despite any changes in the scenery, costume or supporting players.     What if we could live script-free?  Would we be able to live life from a deeper, more aware place that allows for a life of fluidity, creativity, and conscious fulfillment of the true desires of our hearts?     Please join us as we explore these questionsand others to uncover our personal scripts and find ways to write and LIVE our own award-winning stories!


Presenters: David Owens and Ceci Baker


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