Opening Up: The Path To Freedom


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Do you ever find it difficult to share your true self with many people in the world?

Many of us have learned to be defensive, because opening up can be tricky in the world in which we live. So we choose not to share vulnerable parts of ourselves, or become closed in our ideas, thinking we always know what is best. 

A closed mindset or keeping everything in, keeps things out, but also prevents us from growing.  Clearing out old trapped energy can allow us to receive new wisdom and experience a new way of living life that is more harmonious and free.

Join Deanna Smith and Jason Stile for an exploration of our inner worlds to discover where we might be blocked energetically or if we are closed because we believe we have nothing left to learn.

Saturday February 17th
10:45 - 1:30
146 west 29th street, 8th floor, Manhattan (between 6th & 7th)