The Gift of Investing in Yourself


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

The Gift of Investing in Yourself

Everyone knows what it means to have a return on an investment, whether it's money, time, relationships etc… But are we aware of what it means to invest in ourselves? 

We can be our greatest investment. Capitalizing on life experiences begins with deeply understanding and processing what happens every day. The deeper we go, the better relationship we will have with ourselves, others, Nature and Life.

Through this journey, we are paid in life's currency: Wisdom. While this is not an inherent skill, it can be learned, giving us the ability to eat from the feast of life, rather than having the stress of life eat us!

 Please join the Lighthouse Workshop Team as we explore how to use every day experiences in order to grow and evolve.  Let’s Dig In!!!

Saturday, November 19th 2016



146 W 29th st - Suite 8W (8th Floor) between 6th and 7th Avenues

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