The Freedom of Forgiveness


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Everyone talks about forgiving people, but who really knows how to do it? Especially when it comes to forgiving people who we feel have betrayed, hurt, or taken advantage of us in the past. Many of us walk around, still carrying grudges, which, in the end, only weigh us down and keep us from moving forward in life in ways that we often don’t perceive.


Can you imagine the freedom that could come from letting go of those old hurts and really allowing the magic of forgiveness to fill your heart? It sounds so simple in theory, but we all know how hard it is to actually do in practice.


Please join David Richeson and Tina Wong as they guide us all through powerful dialogue and exercises to liberate our hearts from the shackles that hold us in the same place through the magic of forgiveness. Maybe we will finally be able to truly forgive those that still haunt us. We might even learn to forgive the one who is hardest to forgive for so many people -- ourselves.

Saturday, November 21st


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 w 29th Street (6th and 7th ave), suite 8w

Manhattan, NY

Fee: $20