Man + Woman = Harmony


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Everything in the universe has masculine and feminine vibrations. It is important to understand the duality of these respective energies, and to understand how they complement each other when they are balanced and in harmony. 

While men and women are different, neither is better than the other, just different and interdependent. Each gender has their respective attributes and ways in which they operate in the world. 

However, in this era, these differences have become a point of contention that fosters conflict and negativity between the sexes, which has led to a lot of imbalances, miscommunication, hurt, pain, mistrust, fear, and a buildup of resentment. 

How do we overcome the challenges between men and women? Maybe it begins by looking within ourselves and acknowledging where we are and where we may need help. Imagine if we could transform this negative energy into a more positive frequency, that of compassion, support, understanding, peace, good communication, and love to help men and women get along, heal themselves, and, in turn, also help the planet? 

Please join David Owens and Rosemarie Ramsumair on an introspective journey on this important topic.

Saturday March 16th
10:45 - 1:30
146 west 29th street, 8th floor, Manhattan (between 6th & 7th)