Jail Break!: Freedom from the Inside Out


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

A Workshop From The Institute For Hermetic Philosophy

Do you know what stands in the way of you experiencing love, harmony, peace,

wellbeing and fulfilment on a daily basis?

Often life can seem as though we are on a roller coaster from one intense scenario to
another, never achieving our goals, which always seem just beyond our reach. We
hit a wall at work; have friction in relationships or struggle in other areas, bringing
on fear, uncertainty and doubt. Perhaps we just end up numb, frustrated or blaming
others. No matter the result, we often believe the cause is external. Yet in reality, the
process is happening within us, just below the radar, like an unforced error. We do
not realize the enormous consequences that such thoughts, emotions and
contradictions can have in our lives.

The fact is that all of us face obstacles and challenges in life but they don’t have to be diminishing. What is not widely known is that many obstacles start from within.
Hence, freeing ourselves from our inner obstacles can open the door to all kinds of
possibilities. And it is simply a matter of internal exploration and development. This
is a profound realization, implying that we can regain our power with internal effort,
which is within our control.

Bottom line: freedom and happiness are not only within our reach; we can find it from the inside out.

Join this interactive workshop led by Leeza Ahmady and James Reardon to explore
what’s holding you back, delve deeper and learn new tools to help set you free. 


Saturday, October 24


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 w 29th Street (6th and 7th ave)

Manhattan, NY

Fee: $20