How to Win in 2020. No Matter What Happens!


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Life can be challenging. Many of us start each year thinking about what we want to achieve in that year, but we often have problems and setbacks that get in the way, sometimes taking us off course completely.

How do we create what we want in our lives?

How do we deal with the internal and external problems that occur so that we can truly become who we are meant to be?

There is a way to learn how to stay more conscious and aware in each moment so that you can learn to use the problems to strengthen your resolve rather than react to them. 

Problems and challenges can actually give you more energy to accomplish your goals when you learn how to use them effectively.

Join David Richeson and Tina Wong on a journey to learn how to win in any circumstance and conquer the challenges that life will throw at you in 2020 and beyond.



Saturday January 25th


Institute for Hermetic Philosophy

146 West 29th street, 8th floor

NY, NY 10001