She Says He Says, Part II: of Bridging the Gap Between the Sexes - Sept 24th 2016


Speaker: IHP

He Says She Says, Part II: Bridging the Gap Between the Sexes

Last month's He Says She Says workshop was a great experience for everyone who attended, however, there is much more to discover. At the start of the workshop, we had asked people to anonymously write down any questions they might have for the opposite sex. The questions provoked intense discussions. 

This workshop will continue the exploration, allowing us to go deeper, to better comprehend ourselves and the opposite sex, by listening with open minds and hearts. The “She Says He Says” experience, is an event that anyone can attend who wants to have a more harmonious relationship with members of the opposite sex and with themselves.

We will lead a lighthearted and fun, interactive experience as we discover together how to relate to the opposite sex while maintaining our awareness of who we are.

Through honest discussion and simple exercises, we'll explore our own undiscovered habits and hidden messages that could result in misunderstanding. 

This seminar is a must for anyone in a relationship or who wants to be in one!

Presented by the IHP Workshop Team

September 24th  2016



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