Conquering Fear: A rite of passage for masculinity and freedom


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

How does a man know when he is a truly a man? The common attributes of a man are, he is strong and takes responsibility for himself and his loved ones. But there is more to being a man. The true strength of a man comes from his learning to accept, confront, and conquer his fears. 

Fear is the Great Wall that separates boys from men. But those fears can come in many forms. 

Some fears are easier to understand and come from external situations, like the fear of heights, or the fear of the dark. 

While other fears lie deep within the man himself and can be completely hidden and unknown, controlling his destiny from the shadows of his psyche. 

A man must conquer both his internal and his external fears to be truly free. 

Join David Owens and David Richeson on a journey of self-discovery, where we will move beyond our fears and limitations and begin to create the amazing lives we all want and deserve as men. 

Saturday May 18th
10:45 - 1:30
146 west 29th street, 8th floor, Manhattan (between 6th & 7th)