The Lighthouse Workshops

At the monthly Lighthouse Workshops, you are led to make the one connection that matters the most, the connection with yourself.

The power of these workshops is the indescribable and magical feeling that happens when you discover you at the core of all your life issues, fears, hopes, and regrets.

This self-connection arises from the application of simple and timeless natural principles, through discussion and exercises; it can be nurtured and grown throughout a lifetime.

Many are surprised to discover that they have the same profound problems and processes as most of the people in the room, which will allow them to deeply relate to other human beings at a level rarely experienced. Join us for one day or the entire series.


2014 Seminar Dates: 

Time: 9:45am-12:30pm

Place: 127 West 25th Street (3rd Floor) in Manhattan

Fee: $20

RSVP: (866) 452-3965, or write

Reserve your seat online at