[Closed] Energy is Everything II


Speaker: Lighthouse Workshops

Join Us September 26th 2015 10 am, @ 58-60 W39th NYC for the Workshop Energy is Everything II

Creating and keeping energy is the root of our daily existence.  We get energy from the food we eat, but what about the more subtle energy that exists all around us?  We all have felt it; whether in a sunset, an ocean beach or a walk through a forest, we can learn how to tap into this energy. The energy of Nature includes frequencies of order, harmony and love. If we are open to them, we can match and grow these positive frequencies inside of ourselves.

However, it can be difficult to hold on to this inner peace and good energy once we go back into the distractions of our busy lives.  Spiritual work, and any type of real change demands a special type of energy. Join us as we dive into the teachings from Dr. Dario Salas Sommer, to grow our internal being and create a wealth of energy to supply our daily needs and beyond.

Building on the content of a prior but independent workshop, Carol Haggerty Reardon and Derek Hunt will lead a two hour discussion using practical exercises and tools that will open up new possibilities for our personal transformation and inner connection through the teachings of the Institute for Hermetic Philosophy.