[CLOSED] The Power that Resides Within; Cultivating the Wonder of our Youth


Speaker: Carol Haggerty and Derek Hunt

When children first see things, they don’t have anything to associate it with; it is a thing of wonder no matter if it's the wrapping paper or box that held a gift, a butterfly or a ray of sunshine on the floorboards. Within the child's experience of wonderment resides power that is pure positive energy. Fortunately, we can experience this feeling of internal lightness and power even as adults. We all have the potential to tap into it every moment of the day, but it takes understanding and practice. This workshop lead by Carol Haggerty and Derek Hunt will explore how you can experience each moment anew in order to truly recharge your daily life!

February 21st 


60 west 39th street, 4th fl Manhattan

RSVP at www.lighthouseworkshops.com

9:45am - 12:30pm

Presenters: Carol Haggerty and Derek Hunt


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